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Downton Abbey Fashion

Today’s the first Sunday since Downton Abbey‘s series finale in the US. There will never be a new episode of Downton Abbey on a Sunday night or ever again! So after my recap earlier in the week, I thought it was about time I wrote my post dedicated to the fashion of the beloved show.

The fashion of the series has been talked about and well loved for basically the entire run of the show. As a period piece, you already know going in that the fashion is going to be of the time. Because the show centers around an aristocratic family the wardrobe of the characters is going to be enviable if you’re into fashion and style.

The show spanned from 1912-1925 and the beautiful fashion evolved throughout the seasons to match the styles of the time. The styles evolved from the more fluid column style dresses of the early 1910s and into the flapper style of the 1920s, which I personally adored. I love the silhouettes of the flapper style dresses, the long necklaces, the headbands – everything! I don’t think I could ever pull off a flapper dress since they are sort of shapeless. I would probably look so frumpy, but women of that time and the actresses on Downton Abbey pulled it off flawlessly.

Since there were countless pretty to down right gorgeous looks throughout the years on the show, I couldn’t just pick my favorites. Honestly, there are looks from probably every single episode that I loved. So I spent some time sifting through photos of the show from throughout the years and am sharing with you all just some of the looks that I love and that I believe showcase how large a role the fashion played.

downton abbey fashiondownton cora

How elegant and beautiful is this robe?! The floral embroidery is the detail that sells it for me.

downton rose
downton mary

I love how accessories are integral parts of their outfits at all times. Whether it’s intricate headbands or over the elbow gloves, no detail is overlooked.

Downton Abbey - Mary on horse
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Lady Mary looks chic even while horseback riding!

Downton Abbey - Edith 1
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Okay, I’m a huge fan of long necklaces down the back. Some celebrities today rock this look on the red carpet choosing the wear extra long necklaces backwards having the pendant swing down the back. I love everything about this look. The color, the beautiful print and beadwork on the bodice, and the necklace down the back. And let’s not forget the little clips in Edith’s hair!

Downton Abbey - Edith
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Downton Abbey, 402 - Joanne Froggatt, Ed Speleers and Lily James
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I love everything, and I mean everything, about both Cora and Rose’s looks here. The dusty purple gown, the lace, the jeweled necklines and details, all the feathers! Perfection!

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downton abbey - rose wedding
downton abbey - mary wedding 2
downton abbey - edith wedding 2

No post about Downton Abbey fashion would be complete without taking a look at their wedding looks! The weddings took place throughout the span of the show so you can see how fashion changed through the years. Mary’s first wedding gown from when she married Matthew is very classic and conservative. Fast forward some years and you have Rose’s wedding gown, while by no means un-conservative it is the ultimate flapper wedding gown. I love the gold details, her headband, and her curls. If you couldn’t tell, Rose aka Lily James is a major style icon for me!

Through the show’s six seasons, the viewers watched as the intrigue, drama, tragedy, and comedy unfolded amongst the characters (upstairs and downstairs) we loved, hated, and loved to hate. But, almost as important as the characters and relationships themselves is the fashion on the show. Not only was it fabulous for us to look at, it helped define the characters  and showed their sense of style and personality. All the women had their own distinct personalities and fashion sense. Mary wouldn’t be Mary without her dark clothes and prim and proper style to match her often snarky attitude. Rose needed those flowy gowns, feathers, pearls and headbands to match her happy, upbeat, and bubbly personality and overall cheery disposition.

I will miss the show and its wonderfully rich (both in personality and in money) characters, but I may just miss the fashion of the show equally as much!

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