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June 2021 Favorites

I know I’ve made a habit lately of saying I don’t have too many favorites to share for the month, but I really don’t have many this month!

It was a busy month with the end of the school year and then I had family visiting for a few days and amidst all that I had my health issue which I’ll get into a little more later on in the post.

My first favorite is The Book Thief. I had never read the book before, but had seen the movie years ago. I read it at the end of the school year with my 7th grade honors kids and I really loved the book. It was sad as you may have guessed, but the story is really good and I liked the author’s style. The book is narrated by death during World War II in Germany and mostly follows a young girl named Liesel as she grows up in Nazi Germany with her best friend Rudy and her adopted parents.

My second favorite this month is the fan I put by my Peloton bike. It’s getting really hot now – it’s been 100 degrees the past few days – and so even though my Peloton is in the basement and normally it’s cool down there, it’s now really hot when I ride the bike. The fan has been a game changer!

My next favorite is this really pretty multicolor comb that I got from Victoria Emerson. I think the colors are so pretty and it’s also got a translucent feel to it. I love the wide teeth and the fact that the comb has some flexibility to it, which is great for me because in recent weeks I have been shedding like crazy. Apparently that is one of the delayed side effects to covid – hair loss. Lucky me. I do have a lot of baby hairs going on right now so at least I know there’s new growth.

My last favorite for the month is Harry Potter New York. My cousins and I knew we wanted to go when they came to visit so we had planned it out a long time ago. Right now because it’s still so popular you need to scan the QR code outside the store (you can start scanning at 7am) and they will notify you when it’s time for you go in. I’ll talk more in depth about it in a blog post tomorrow all about the store. But for now, it is one of my favorites.

Now for my non-favorite of the month – my health issue. To make a very long story short, I have a preauricular pit which is something I was born with. People who have it are born with it and it is hereditary. It’s just a little dimple or tiny hole in front of the ear. It is connected to your sinuses. Anyway, I’ve never really had any issues with it before until last week when it started to become irritated and eventually got swollen and became an abscess. After 2 urgent care visits within 2 days I was still in pain and the antibiotics and things they gave me weren’t helping. I needed to see an ENT but couldn’t find one who would see me asap. The only appointment I could get was with the ENT my parents have gone to and the appointment was for Friday – 6 days away! I had already been in pain for 5 days at this point. So early Saturday morning, in pain, I texted one of my good friends who I grew up with. He is a doctor now and I asked him if he knew any ENT who could see me. He was able to contact someone he knows who just so happens to be the head of the ENT department. After my friend briefed him on my issue he advised I go to the ER at one of the hospitals he works out of and he would send one of his team members to meet me there and take care of it. So I went Saturday and they even called me on my way to say they knew I was on my way and they were ready for me. I was examined, had my abscess drained, got new antibiotics, and all that in less than 2 hours which was amazing. I’d never been to the ER before so I didn’t know what to expect but people always say it’s so chaotic. It didn’t seem too crazy when I went so maybe it was a slow morning and luckily I had a doctor there specifically to see me so I didn’t have to wait. I’m no longer in any pain by my ear or surrounding area (the pain and swelling had started to spread) but there’s still some swelling and bruising (I think from the needles). I have a follow-up next week so I’ll let you all know how it goes!

That’s all the favorites I have for you this month plus my crazy ear story. What are some things you loved this month?

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