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    Outlander – Season 2 Fashion

    If you’ve been a long time follower of mine, you have probably heard me mention more than once that the series Outlander is one of my favorite shows. I would even dare to question whether I like it more than Game of Thrones! Before the GoT fans get upset, don’t worry, I still love GoT! But, Outlander while full of adventure, history, plotting, and time travel, the core is a love story and I love a good love story! Claire and Jamie’s love withstands the test of time (literally). I could go on and on about why I love this show so much and about how I want to read the books that…

  • Baby Daddy - Riley
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    “Baby Daddy” – Riley’s Style

    Baby Daddy is a show on ABC Family, or Freeform as it’s now called, that has been on the air for a few years now. I enjoy watching this half hour sitcom for some laughs. For as long as the show’s been on, I’ve thought that Chelsea Kane’s character, Riley, wears the cutest outfits. The wardrobe department on that show is doing an incredible job of keeping her looking on point always. It’s not just individual pieces that I love, but her entire outfits. They do a great job of making her whole outfit look great – she wears a lot of layered outfits – and they always accessorize! It…

  • downton-abbey-christmas-special-2014-season-5
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    Downton Abbey Fashion

    Today’s the first Sunday since Downton Abbey‘s series finale in the US. There will never be a new episode of Downton Abbey on a Sunday night or ever again! So after my recap earlier in the week, I thought it was about time I wrote my post dedicated to the fashion of the beloved show. The fashion of the series has been talked about and well loved for basically the entire run of the show. As a period piece, you already know going in that the fashion is going to be of the time. Because the show centers around an aristocratic family the wardrobe of the characters is going to be enviable if you’re…