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Outlander – Season 2 Fashion

If you’ve been a long time follower of mine, you have probably heard me mention more than once that the series Outlander is one of my favorite shows. I would even dare to question whether I like it more than Game of Thrones! Before the GoT fans get upset, don’t worry, I still love GoT! But, Outlander while full of adventure, history, plotting, and time travel, the core is a love story and I love a good love story! Claire and Jamie’s love withstands the test of time (literally).

I could go on and on about why I love this show so much and about how I want to read the books that the series is based on. However, this post is dedicated to season 2’s fashion. Season 1 took place primarily in 1700s Scotland and Claire was taken in by a clan of Highlanders when she tumbled through some stones from the 1940s to the 1700s. That being said, the wardrobe for a lot of season 1 consisted of wools, earthy tones, and of course tartan.

Outlander Season 2 Promo

Season 2 just finished last week and I’ve been making notes of the fashion that caught my eye all season for the sole purpose of creating this post! What makes season 2 different? Well, a bulk of the season took place in Paris so the wardrobe changed and became more vibrant and instead of practical (because Claire was no longer riding on horseback through the rainy Scottish countryside) it was more about aesthetics and what would be appropriate to wear when you’re in the audience of the King of France. I’ve rounded up my favorite looks from the season all from the Paris episodes with 1 or 2 from Scotland for good measure 🙂

Outlander - Red Dress

Before the episode even aired, I kept seeing things on Twitter, TVGuide, People, Entertainment Weekly, etc. talking about the “red dress” and whether it would meet expectations. Apparently in the book this red dress is a big deal. From what I’ve heard the dress on the show did not disappoint! This dress catapulted Claire into 18th century France high fashion and was a treat for viewers to see her in something other than than tartan and knit scarves!

Outlander - yellow cape

Um, I just really want this yellow cape. How fabulous is this cape?! I love the style, color, hood, everything.

Outlander Season 2 2016
blue cloak

Another cape that I adore! I suppose this blue one is a little more wearable than the yellow one. Like I’m going to wear either.

Outlander Season 2 2016

I seriously love the florals on this brown dress. They stand out so vibrantly against the earth toned dress and the pops of yellow are perfection!

brown floral

At first glance this green dress, while a beautiful shade of green, doesn’t look like anything super special. But if you look closer when the light hits it, you can see that the detailing is magnificent with its brocade fabric and detailed trim. And then in the episode you get a look at the back and it is fabulous! The dress. has. a. cape. It is beautiful and that second shot below of it is a stunning shot with the lighting.

Outlander-green dress


Outlander-green cape dress

Of course, Paris couldn’t last forever and the Frasers made their way back to Scotland. I’m amazed by how many ways you can wear these large tartan pieces! With a belt she can create a whole scarf/coat/shawl/wrap thing.

outlander - tartan blanket scarf

Spoiler alert! Here is Claire in 1968 (I did say it was a time traveling show!) looking fantastic as usual. She is 20 years older but still stylish and the epitome of a classy 1960s woman.

Outlander Season 2 2016

What do you think of the show’s costume design? I believe I read that they were just nominated for an Emmy for costume design which is awesome. The new season won’t air until sometime next year so while I wait in this droughtlander (yes that’s what it’s called!) I will have these photos and seasons 1 and 2 to rewatch to sustain me until then!

Are any of you fans of the show? Do any of you want to watch the show now?

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