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Dungeness Crab in Ketchikan

We’ve reached the end of my posts of my Alaskan adventures today! Well, sort of. Today I’m going to tell you about the last port we stopped at in Alaska and what I did there, but it won’t exactly be the last post because I am in the process of making a 3-part YouTube series highlighting the trip so you will still hear about it for a little longer!

The last port we stopped at in Alaska was Ketchikan. It is another super cute town in southeast Alaska and was probably the most easily accessible from the cruise ship. Not that town centers of Juneau or Skagway were far from the ship the previous days, but in Ketchikan, the town was literally sprawled out across the street from the dock. In fact, as I disembarked, I saw the Ketchikan welcome sign across the street. This time around for the excursion it was just me, my mom, aunt and uncle. The others went salmon fishing, which I briefly mentioned in Part 2 of my food post. We found our tour representative for our Wilderness Exploration and Crab Feast excursion and were on our way. I do need to mention that this was definitely the most disorganized of all the excursions in terms of promptness and space. In the other ports there was always a lot of space for all the people getting off the ship for their respective tours to find their excursion groups and get situated. In Ketchikan, there were so many people and not enough room for all these different groups. We were packed like sardines on the sidewalk and felt like we were being moved around like cattle as we waited. Other than that the excursion was a nice outing.

Ketchikan Welcome Sign

The bus drove us to the southernmost part of the island to George Inlet Lodge where we boarded a boat for a ride on the inlet, surrounded by Tongass National Forest. We saw eagles, learned about the old canneries in the area, and pulled up some of the buoys to see the dungeness crab traps. It was a nice ride and then we were brought back to the lodge for an all-you-can -eat dungeness crab lunch, which I mentioned in my food post part 1!

George Inlet Lodge
George Inlet Lodge View
Ketchikan Dungeness Crab Boat Ride

I don’t remember what our guide’s name was on the boat, but I remember thinking she looked like a blonde Arya Stark! Anybody else see it? There’s a little bit of footage of her on my upcoming YouTube video from the ride.

Once we were back at the lodge, it was time for the crab feast. The servers walked around with giant bowls of dungeness crab and periodically came around putting more crab on our plates. We were to put our shells in the bowl in the center of the table and they would measure how high your piles were.

Dungeness Crab 1
Dungeness Crab Shells

Not bad for only 4 people!George Inlet Lodge has a website, which I linked to above, where you can order dungeness crab and they will ship it overnight to your house. It would make a nice gift for a crab lover, but it is expensive! In any case, this excursion was a nice, low-key outing for our last stop on the trip.

We made it back early in the afternoon and walked around the shops in town for a bit before heading back to the ship. There was a lumberjack show going on somewhere in town, which I didn’t buy tickets for, but I think it must have been going on when I went to the top deck of the ship for pictures because I could hear lots of screaming, clapping, and cheering!



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