Apple Nachos

Apple Nachos

Happy Wednesday! We’re almost halfway through the week and I’m so happy. This week has felt really weird for me. Not bad, just off. Last week, despite how crazy busy and tired I was – things felt good and right (if that makes sense). This week is slower paced and not as stressful and busy but I don’t feel quite right. It’s hard to explain, but hopefully you guys understand what I’m trying to say!

I have a quick food post for you today. I wanted to make some kind of fall snack over the weekend so I made apple nachos. I saw some apple nachos on Pinterest that used melted caramel, but while I do love caramel, I prefer peanut butter to caramel when it comes to apples. I sliced an apple in thin slices and drizzled melted peanut butter and chocolate over them. I used semi sweet chocolate chips for the chocolate.

Chocolate Chips + Peanut ButterMelted chocolate & peanut butterSliced AppleApple NachosApple Nachos 2Apple Nachos 1

I thought about also sprinkling some chopped nuts over top but I ended up deciding not to at the last minute, but I think that would’ve made this snack even better! Although it might’ve made it more difficult to eat as the nuts would probably roll off whenever you picked up an apple slice.

What are some fall snacks you love?

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