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My townhouse is a great size for my brother and me, but storage space is limited. Today I thought I’d share some great space saving items for the laundry.Β  There are some things you never think about – like where would I put my laundry baskets when they’re empty? Where am I going to hang my clothes that can’t go in the dryer? When I started shopping for my place back in the summer, I knew I had to get compact items so they would be easy to store and get out of the way, but were also functional.

My washer and dryer are in a closet upstairs between the bedrooms. I normally keep my laundry baskets on top of the dryer and in-between the washer and dryer I have my laundry rack. My laundry baskets are not very big, but are more than enough for my clothes for the week. Best part about them (in terms of saving space) is that they are collapsible! So they stack nicely on top of my dryer.

Washer & DryerCollapsible Laundry BasketsCollapsible Laundry Baskets 1

The other item I want to share is this foldable drying rack. A majority of my clothes can’t be dried in the dryer so I need a place to hang them. I don’t have room to have a permanent rack just hanging around so this one that folds up so slim is great! Like I mentioned above it fits in perfectly in-between my washer and dryer. When I’m doing laundry I’ll just lay an old towel down in case of dripping, unfold the rack, and use it to dry my clothes for a day or two. When my clothes are dry, I just fold it back up!

Folding Laundry RackFolding Laundry Rack 1

I got the drying rack from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and the laundry baskets from Costco. I saw the baskets at Bed, Bath, & Beyond as well too though.

Let me know if you have any other space saving tricks!

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