Historic Bethlehem

Fall in Historic Bethlehem

Last weekend I met up with my friend and her baby in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to walk around, eat lunch, and catch up. It’s a halfway point for us and two years ago we walked around the Christmas market at the steel stacks in Bethlehem. This time we met up in the downtown, Main St. area which just so happens to be in historic Bethlehem.

I only took a few photos, but I thought I’d still share them. The weather was perfect and everything was so nicely decorated for fall. When we walked down the side, residential streets pretty much every home was decorated so cute for fall! So many pretty fall flowers, pumpkins, gourds and more.

Aside from walking around the neighborhood, we went in to a bunch of shops to look around and got lunch. We went to Fegley’s for lunch and I got the Christmas City Flatbread which was so yummy! It had arugula, dried cranberries, bleu cheese, apple cider smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and balsamic glaze. And lastly, we walked past a large grassy area with some little rolling hills that we thought was either a park or part of the college. The sign on the gate only said things like no bikes, no dogs, and one or two other things that didn’t apply to us. The gate pushed open so we went in to walk around and quickly realized we were, in fact, in a cemetery! In our defense, the headstones were the kind that are flush to the ground, not standing, so you can’t see them when you’re out on the sidewalk. Also in our defense, they do a tour there every day at 3pm (I saw a sign later) so it must be part of a historical tour.

I only took a few photos and didn’t want to straight up take photos of people’s houses no matter how adorable and pretty they were! Enjoy the few photos I have! By the way, the photos aren’t in any particular order and probably are not chronological.

Historic BethlehemHistoric Bethlehem 6Historic Bethlehem 5Historic Bethlehem 4Historic Bethlehem 2Historic Bethlehem 1Fegley's Christmas City Flatbread

Historic Bethlehem 3

This definitely put me in the fall mood with all its cute fall vibes. I’m sure it looks beautiful at Christmas too as these people definitely take their decorating seriously! I may have to go back in December to check it out!

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