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Calm AF Kit

I’ve always had some anxiety on some level over the years, but with the pandemic, it is at a whole other level and I think a lot of you can probably relate. As luck would have it, My Little Magic Shop reached out to me and asked if I would like their Calm AF Kit during this stressful time. Of course, I said yes!

The Calm AF kit comes with:

  • A Larvikite Bracelet which is a grounding and protective stone. It brings you calming energy, bouncing negative energy off you, and you can charge it with intention.
  • A Palo Santo Stick which has magical cleansing properties. It brings positive energy and has been used for hundreds of years for cleansing and purification purposes.
  • A Selenite Stick which is a self-reliant crystal. It is a powerful energetic block dissolver and a powerful vibes amplifier.
  • Amethyst which is a crystal that brings serenity and calmness. It fights off anxiety and stress.

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When you get the kit, you also get access to an online guide with information on all the items in the kit and how to use them. It’s really comprehensive and easy to understand. It’s funny too! For example, the amethyst can help you get peaceful sleep (which is why I have a photo above of the stone going under my pillow). It says to hold the amethyst in your palm and “gently whisper directly into the crystal ‘peaceful sleep’ three times. Yes, you will look weird af. Yes, this absolutely works.” Too funny!

I’ve slept with the amethyst stone under my pillow for the past 2 nights. I haven’t had trouble falling asleep, but I am hoping it helps give me peaceful sleep so that I’m less anxious during the day. I’ve been wearing the bracelet. I have the Selenite on my desk because it’s supposed to be good to have by your work station. Lastly, I have lit the Palo Santo stick once so far to waft the smoke/scent around to cleanse.

I’m really looking forward to implementing all of these things more this week and in the coming weeks!

Thank you My Little Magic Shop for this much needed kit!

*I was sent this kit complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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