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Verb Energy Bars

I’ve been seeing Verb Energy Bars on Instagram for probably 2 years and I’ve always wondered if they’re really as good as people say they are. People raved about how they were so tasty, low in calories, and offer a boost of energy since each bar is supposed to contain the same amount of caffeine as an espresso. So when Verb Energy reached out to me asking if I’d like to try out some bars, I thought I’d give it a try and see if they’re as good as people say.

Verb Energy was kind enough to send me a pack of their Salted Peanut Butter and samples of their lemon raspberry, vanilla latte, coconut chai, and double chocolate.

I think they’re tasty and the ones I like the most so far are lemon raspberry and coconut chai. I will say that there is a strong coffee/espresso flavor. At least, it’s strong to me but I’m not a serious coffee drinker so if you are this may not seem like a strong flavor to you. If you like coffee flavored things you will probably love these bars!

These bars make for a great pick me up since they do have the same amount of caffeine as an espresso and each bar has 90 calories. It’s great on-the-go too since they’re individually wrapped, which is greatly appreciated.

16-bar starter parks are normally $25, but if you use my link you can get it for $12!

Let me know if you try them!

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