Baby Daddy - Riley

“Baby Daddy” – Riley’s Style

Baby Daddy is a show on ABC Family, or Freeform as it’s now called, that has been on the air for a few years now. I enjoy watching this half hour sitcom for some laughs. For as long as the show’s been on, I’ve thought that Chelsea Kane’s character, Riley, wears the cutest outfits. The wardrobe department on that show is doing an incredible job of keeping her looking on point always. It’s not just individual pieces that I love, but her entire outfits. They do a great job of making her whole outfit look great – she wears a lot of layered outfits – and they always accessorize! It was a little hard to find a lot of pictures of her style on the show and honestly I probably love 99% of what she wears and wish I could have her wardrobe. Below are a few pictures I found to give an idea of her style on the show!


Baby Daddy - Riley 1



Baby Daddy - Riley 3

Baby Daddy - Riley

The latest season ended a few weeks ago and it did not end on a good note for Riley and her boyfriend on the show. I have to admit, it almost made me teary eyed for her! I look forward to the next season to see what will happen and to enjoy more Riley fashion moments!

Do any of you watch the show? What do you think of her style?

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