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It’s not a secret that I watch a lot of TV. My DVR is constantly recording something or multiple things every night. And I like a lot of different genres – from whimsical fantasy like “Once Upon a Time” to supernatural action shows like “Grimm” to family dramas like “This is Us”. One genre that I really enjoy is spy dramas. But since today I’m focusing on spy TV shows, not movies, so no James Bond and Jason Bourne here.

  1. “Alias” – I love/loved “Alias”! I have the DVDs so I have watched the series more than once but it’s been a few years. Maybe it’s time to rewatch! Anyway, “Alias” was pretty much Jennifer Garner’s breakout role. She had a few more minor roles before Alias, but her turn as spy Sydney Bristow really made her famous. If you’ve never watched the show, Sydney is a 20-something year old government agent or so she thinks when the show premieres. She thinks she’s part of a more covert department of the CIA because well that’s what they told her when she was recruited. But then she finds out that she doesn’t work for the CIA at all but really a division that went rogue! She turns into a double agent for the real CIA by the end of the first episode or maybe the second. Some other crazy things happen as the seasons go on, but I still love the show after all these years.

2. “Nikita” was another good spy show. Again, Nikita and other recruits think they’re working for the government but she finds out that they’re actually working for their boss’s interests and whoever/whatever country will pay the most. When the show begins, Nikita has already gone rogue from the group and is working to bring them down.


3. “The Americans” comes back with a new season soon I think and it’s so interesting. It’s one of those shows that you’re not sure who you’re rooting for because the main characters are technically the bad guys…but they’re the main characters so….

If you don’t know, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys play a married couple who own a travel agency in the 1980s. They seem like the normal American couple and family with 2 kids, a house, a business etc. But they’re actually Russian spies! Hit a little too close to home with our current political issues? Maybe, but interesting nonetheless! It’s also the only show on my list today that’s still on the air!


4. “Covert Affairs” was always fun to watch and see what new situation or drama Piper Perabo’s character would find herself in. I wrote about her style on the show back when the series ended here. When the show begins, Annie, is a new CIA recruit and finding her way around the spy and political world.


5. “Undercovers” was a short-lived show about a married couple who are retired spies. They both retired from their jobs and said they would lead a normal life running their new catering business but just can’t seem to stay away from that world.  The show was cancelled pretty quickly from what I remember but I remember enjoying it so much and wishing it wasn’t pulled off the air!


What are your thoughts on spy shows?

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