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Dream Beach House

Dream Beach House


Summer is almost here and I’m already dreaming of warm, lazy days. When Polyvore had a Dream Beach House challenge, I thought about what I envisioned for mine.
I would want a beach house set up and decor to be clearly “beach house”, but I wouldn’t want it to be over the top or overdone with the sea shells and anchor prints everywhere.
  • I would love a large, wrap-around porch like the one above with big porch swings – not the small, shaky ones. How amazing do these large cushioned swings look with a view of the ocean?
  • I love the look of this kitchen with the white furniture and billowing white curtains. I can just imagine having a fresh meal with the breeze coming through the windows. Also, I’m in love with the light fixture above the table.
  • For decor, I would go subtle with the beach vibes with some wicker pieces like this round ottoman. However, I would only use wicker for accent pieces and not for all the furniture.
  • The mirror gives off a beachy feel without being overtly beachy.
  • The decanter is handblown and I love the ocean color. Handblown glass always makes me think of the beach. Maybe because it makes me think of sea glass.
  • The ship wheel is the only piece I chose that is clearly ocean related and cannot be repurposed for another theme. I think it’s an adorable touch to a beach home though and seeing as how pretty much everything else I’ve picked out can be used in a home away from the beach, this ship wheel gets a free pass.
  • Lastly, I wanted a little bit of the beach inside the house but didn’t want a whole jar full of sand or shell encrusted boxes. Instead, I chose a bit of a deconstructed look with candles, decorative rocks, tiny sea shells, and a starfish.

Those are some ideas I have for my dream beach house. Any volunteers to help make this dream a reality?

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