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    Spruce Up Your Guest Bedrooms For Christmas

    For many, the panicked shopping race before Christmas has already started. With presents to buy, decorations to prepare and an exciting menu to set, there is a lot to do. It’s not uncommon as well to invest in a last minute Christmas outfit – or a few, depending on how many parties you’re going to attend to. In short, with a to-do list packed with shopping items, you might come behind your hosting schedule. Indeed, if you’ve invited relatives or friends to stay over, you need to get the guest bedroom ready for the occasion. While Christmas colors are a must-have in most households, it’s fair to say that they…

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    Townhouse Painting: Before & After

    If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts and Instastories then you know I recently bought a townhouse with my brother. I haven’t had a blog post dedicated to the topic, but I’ve mentioned it in a few posts so if you feel like you haven’t a clue then don’t worry you probably just missed it! In any case, we bought a townhouse and luckily the owners before us pretty much updated the whole interior when they bought it 4 years ago. It’s pretty modern inside with tile floors, granite countertops, and a sensored lighting system among other things. Despite the place being in pretty great condition, we knew…

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    Work Environment Inspo

    As a teacher, I don’t really get a lot of say on how my room is set up. I can bring some things in from home and kind of organize my space the way I want, but my options are very limited. I don’t really bring in anything from home as I teach high school kids so I don’t need to decorate it in the way an elementary teacher would. I also have other teachers use my room during most of my off periods so I keep the room as simple as possible. But I often think about what my ideal work space would look like if I could make…

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    Winter Interior Inspiration

    I love looking at interior design posts on Instagram and Pinterest. If I were more creative, I think I’d really love a career in interior design. But I think I’m better at enjoying looking at them than putting it together myself. So when Chill Insurance presented me with the opportunity to share some winter interior inspo I jumped at the chance to pull some things I’m loving. While I do enjoy when people post images of interiors that are modern and have clean lines, they’re not my personal style. I prefer a cozier, warm style. I want a space that I feel warm and comfortable in, not one that feels cold…

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    Serve it Up: Dream Kitchen

      Serve it Up: Dream Kitchen by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a tea cup If you’ve followed along with any of my home decor inspiration posts, you’ll know that I have a thing for kitchens. I had a post back in the spring all about french country kitchen styles so you know I like to dream about my dream kitchen. Whenever Polyvore does home decor challenges, I like to take part because it’s fun to imagine how you would style or decorate a room and put together whatever you want. So when Polyvore had a dream kitchen challenge, I had to take part naturally! I love the white cabinets in this kitchen for…

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    Decorate with Planters

      Decorate with Planters by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring plastic planters My favorite thing about spring is all the new and fresh flowers. Fresh blooms can brighten your day with their sheer beauty and beautiful fragrance. Planters are a great way to house your plants and flowers, especially the larger variety, and they’re also decorative pieces. In the above set from Polyvore, I’ve rounded up some planters that I think would make great decor pieces depending on the look you’re going for. My favorite are the blue & white ones because lately I’ve been on a total blue & white kick. I may or may not have spent some time online recently…

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    Cozy Cabin Style

      Cozy Cabin Style by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring Anthropologie The weather here lately has stayed true to its crazy up and down pattern this year. One day it’s spring like and the next we’re back to below freezing temperatures. Since we’re not in the clear for spring yet, I’ll continue to post some winter things. I’ve never stayed in a cabin before but if I did I would want to stay in a cabin that was nice and cozy but with some luxuries too. I’m not a “roughing it” kind of girl. My cabin would need a fireplace or two. It would also have a rustic and warm feel it. Nothing…

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    Color Challenge: Pumpkin and Burgundy

      Color Challenge: Pumpkin and Burgundy by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a flower bouquet Pumpkin and burgundy are often associated with fall. I did put this set together 2 months ago when it was still fall, but not one to follow all style rules I think these colors are perfect for winter as well. Why? Because they exude a sense of warmth, which is always nice when the temperatures outside are frigid. In this color challenge on Polyvore, I put together a little living room set with a burgundy two piece loveseat and a pair of white throw pillows with an embroidered tree print featuring a beautiful pumpkin color. The gold framed…

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    Color Challenge: Gray & Peach

      Color Challenge: Gray & Peach by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring peach throw pillows Peach is not one of my favorite colors. It’s not that I dislike the color, but it’s not a shade I would go out of my way to pick. So when Polyvore had a home decor challenge using Gray & Peach, I was a little unsure of what I would put together seeing as how I don’t think I’d put peach in my own home decor color palette. Nonetheless, I wanted to challenge myself and I actually like what I put together for this bedroom set. I decided not to go too heavy on the grays and peaches. I…

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    Dream Beach House

      Dream Beach House by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring Arteriors Summer is almost here and I’m already dreaming of warm, lazy days. When Polyvore had a Dream Beach House challenge, I thought about what I envisioned for mine. I would want a beach house set up and decor to be clearly “beach house”, but I wouldn’t want it to be over the top or overdone with the sea shells and anchor prints everywhere. I would love a large, wrap-around porch like the one above with big porch swings – not the small, shaky ones. How amazing do these large cushioned swings look with a view of the ocean? I love the look of…