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Townhouse Painting: Before & After

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts and Instastories then you know I recently bought a townhouse with my brother. I haven’t had a blog post dedicated to the topic, but I’ve mentioned it in a few posts so if you feel like you haven’t a clue then don’t worry you probably just missed it! In any case, we bought a townhouse and luckily the owners before us pretty much updated the whole interior when they bought it 4 years ago. It’s pretty modern inside with tile floors, granite countertops, and a sensored lighting system among other things. Despite the place being in pretty great condition, we knew we definitely wanted to paint and have the floors steam cleaned.

So before I show the before and after photos, I need to give you some context in to my crazy brain. If you know me personally and have seen my bedroom then you know my personal space (and I mean really personal space like just the bedroom or desk not my car or anything else) is organized chaos. I have piles of clothes and books and beauty products strewn about, but it’s all organized in my mind. I know exactly where everything is. However, in all other aspects I can’t handle huge messes or even the thought of something being dirty. I’m actually really neurotic about touching things that look dirty. So even though the floors, carpet, and walls looked clean and in good shape, I just needed the floors to be professionally cleaned and the walls to have fresh paint on them for my own peace of mind. I’m sure the people who owned the townhouse before us are lovely people (I met the husband of the couple during one of our walkthroughs and he seemed perfectly nice) but I just need traces of people living there before me erased. Am I nuts or do you feel the same way?

Moving on, all the main rooms of the house (family room, kitchen, halls, etc.) were a glossy light tan color. The main bathroom upstairs was also the same tan color. The master bedroom and downstairs bath were a light blue and the spare bedroom (which is now my room) was yellow.

Tan townhouse interiorsTan family roomTan kitchenYellow BathroomBlue bedroomYellow bedroom

We hired a local painting business to paint all the rooms, doors, and trim. They had to use a really long ladder to do the high ceilings. I would’ve been terrified to climb it! They did a great job patching up any spots in the drywall and painting everything. We had picked out colors at Home Depot and told the painters what colors we wanted for which rooms. The colors we picked out were Behr but the painters use Benjamin Moore I think so they took the names and color codes of our choices and mixed it at Benjamin Moore. They were done in 6 days.

Painting interiorsPainting townhouse interiorsPainting townhouse

For the main rooms of the townhouse we went with a cream color. I believe it was called “Sailcloth” at Behr. So much better than the tan in my opinion! I also think it just looks better matte than glossy.

Cream paint

Tan townhouse interior

For the bathrooms and master bedroom we picked a blue grey color.

Blue grey paint 1Blue grey paint 2Blue grey paint

For my room I got rid of the yellow and went with a pale lilac or purple color.

Pale Lilac Paint

My favorites might be the family room and kitchen. The family room is the same cream color as the main parts of the house, but we did an accent well in a gorgeous blue. I believe Behr lists it as “Norwegian Blue”. We also painted the kitchen the same color which looks spectacular against the white cabinets.

Norwegian Blue accent wallNorwegian Blue kitchen

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders and I love the colors we chose. I think it looks so much better, fresher, and newer with the paint. I really love all the colors but that blue in the kitchen and for the accent wall is definitely my favorite.

I’ll be back with another home update post in a few weeks. Probably about furniture or something like that!

What do you think about fresh paint and steam cleaned/shampooed floors? Do you agree with me or do you think I’m out of my mind? Let me know!

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