Pleated Duet Dress

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Pleated Duet Dress

The heat wave the past couple days has been crazy. The heat makes me so tired and today is another hot day on the verge of 100 degrees. I have an exciting thing going on later today though so keep an eye out for my Instastories and I’ll be writing a blog post in a week or so all about it!

For the past week, I have had family in town visiting so it’s been a lot of eating out and spending time with family. Over the weekend my family had a bbq and I chose to wear this pleated duet dress for a cute but still flowy and lightweight look to keep cool in the heat.

The top half is a black, strappy racerback and the bottom half is a blue grey pleated skirt. So comfortable and pretty!

Pleated Duet Dress 1Pleated Duet Dress 2Pleated Duet Dress 3Pleated Duet Dress 4Pleated Duet Dress 5Pleated Duet Dress 6Pleated Duet Dress 7Pleated Duet Dress 8Pleated Duet Dress 9Pleated Duet Dress 10Pleated Duet Dress 11Pleated Duet Dress 12Pleated Duet DressPleated Duet Dress 13Pleated Duet Dress 14

Dress: LOFT

The black and blue in this dress is a great combo and I love the pleated skirt. It’s so fun and the duet look gives the impression that it’s a two-piece look when it’s really one dress. Definitely a twirl worthy dress! This dress definitely helped me keep cool in the heat over the weekend.

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