Williams Sonoma Ginger Jars
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Blue & White Ginger Jars

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved blue & white decor – namely ginger jars. Chinoiserie is really popular and if you don’t know what that is it’s decor pieces that imitate or evoke a Chinese motif vibe in western art, furniture, etc. Nice pieces are pretty expensive, so for now I can just admire them from afar. But, one day when I can afford expensive home decor and investment pieces I’d love to have a collection of blue & white ginger jars like the ones in the photo below!

I took this photo when I was at the Williams-Sonoma flagship store in San Francisco over the summer. I know Williams-Sonoma originated in San Francisco so I expected their store to be amazing and it did not disappoint. I made a point to visit it and I loved exploring the different floors browsing around the store. I saw a table styled with the ginger jars and had to take a photo – it was so beautiful!

Williams Sonoma Ginger Jars

I love the variations in style and print and the different sizes and heights add visual interest.

I actually was able to find all of these visible front pieces on the Williams-Sonoma website and have linked them in the shoppable carousal below! And while they are pricey (for me) they are all on sale for 20% off with the code HOME.

Do you love blue & white decor too?

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