Egg on Bagel + Korean Pork Belly

Egg & Bagel Breakfast Sandiwch + Pork Belly

Happy Saturday! I’m so happy it’s the weekend and that it’s a 3-day weekend for me! As I’ve shared before on here, weekends are the only time where I can have a real breakfast and not something quick on my way to work. Since I’m currently staying at my parents’ house until my condo is ready for me to move in my weekend breakfasts here usually consist of whatever is in the fridge here and/or what my mom makes. But when I was back in my townhouse I sometimes made breakfasts made up of things I had leftover. Omelettes, breakfast quesadillas, etc.

I saved some photos on my phone from one of my breakfasts back in my townhouse. I had an extra plain bagel, leftover Korean pork belly, and some fruit that I needed to eat. So I fried an egg with some salt and pepper. Since my bagel was a plain bagel, I also sprinkled on some Everything But the Bagel Seasoning on to the egg once I had it on the bagel. I heated up my leftover Korean pork belly in the toaster oven and cut up some figs and dished out some of my pre-cut watermelon.

BagelEggEgg 1Egg 2Everything But the Bagel SesameEgg on BagelKorean Pork BellyEgg on Bagel 1Egg on Bagel 2Egg on Bagel + Korean Pork BellyEgg on Bagel + Korean Pork Belly 1Egg on Bagel + Korean Pork Belly 2

I didn’t have bacon on hand and my Korean pork belly was a delicious replacement. Plus, as I mentioned above, I had leftover pork belly that I needed to finish. Such an easy breakfast to throw together with things I already had and needed to use up. It doesn’t hurt that it was absolutely delectable either!

As always I’m linking what I can below for you to shop if you’d like through my LikeToKnowIt page. Linked below is my exact dinnerware (or former since now they’re with my brother at my former townhouse – don’t worry – I got some really pretty new plates that I will share once I move) and a similar mug since mine is from Home Goods and I can’t link to it.

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