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As a teacher, I don’t really get a lot of say on how my room is set up. I can bring some things in from home and kind of organize my space the way I want, but my options are very limited. I don’t really bring in anything from home as I teach high school kids so I don’t need to decorate it in the way an elementary teacher would. I also have other teachers use my room during most of my off periods so I keep the room as simple as possible. But I often think about what my ideal work space would look like if I could make it look any way I wanted.

In this collaboration with Furniture at Work, I thought about office furniture and other things I’d like in an office to put together this post taking in to consideration some research the company did on ideal work environments.

Of the 600 members of the British public that were surveyed:

  • 43% said they associate the color blue with relaxation
  • 64% said they would choose a light wood desk
  • 52% said they currently have plants in their work environment
  • 50% said they can’t find the time to exercise when working full time

So taking this all in to account and mixing it with my own tastes and preferences, I have come up with my dream office.

I chose this dark blue for the walls. Light blue makes me think of a little kids room or a dentist office or something. But dark blue looks sophisticated and more adult. I love this rich color.


Getting up and walking around or even just standing can be great for your body and health, physically and mentally when you’re sitting all day at the office. That’s why there’s been a rise in standing desks and I’ve even seen desks with treadmills and bikes! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I love that this adjustable desk sits on top of your office desk – note the light wood! – so you can easily stand or sit to work. It’s all about the little things to make your work experience better for you and your well being.



Continuing with the light wood theme, if I had my own office with enough space, I would have a little round conference or meeting table by the window for a change of scenery and if I want to just move around and work somewhere other than at my desk. I can either do paperwork there or bring a laptop over.

Circular Meeting Table
Furniture at Work

With these desks, you want a comfortable office chair. Have you ever seen The Office? Pam was always asking for a new chair because hers was so bad! Nobody wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair all day so you definitely want something comfortable with good support.

The Aeron Chair from Herman Miller has been ranked the best chair and it does look quite comfortable!


Plants are always important to a space to add a bit of life to the room. Ficus Plants are easy to have in your office and is an extra bit of greenery with all the leaves. But if you don’t have room for a Ficus or you just want even more greenery, a plant for your desk is always a nice idea. Fresh flowers are my favorite but might not be idea for your work desk. Succulents are easy to care for and would be a great choice.

Ficus Tree
potted succulent

Lastly, I would need windows in my office. Just being able to see the outside world makes a huge difference. For years, my work building had no windows except for in the halls and it was always a running joke about how we didn’t know what it looked like outside. But now we’re in a new building where there are windows everywhere and it has made a huge difference. Natural light does wonders!

office window

Now if only this could be my real office! What are some things you’d like to have in your office?

*This is a collaborative post, but all opinions are my own.*

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