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World of Maas Enamel Pin Set

Are you an enamel pin collector? I think they’re so cute, especially Disney ones! But, I’ve never been a pin collector…until now. When I saw The Bookish Shop dropped these large enamel pins for the 3 major settings of Sarah J. Maas books (Adarlan, Velaris, and Crescent City) I wanted them right away. Of course, the first enamel pins I buy are large ones lol. I didn’t really think about how I would display them, but then a few weeks later I saw they were selling this pin board designed to look like a bookshelf, which I thought was super cute.

If you aren’t familiar with SJM books, Adarlan is from the Throne of Glass series, Velaris is from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, and Crescent City is not surprisingly from the Crescent City series.

Right now I don’t have it hanging up, but on my desk, which works for now. I love all three. I think they’re so beautiful!

I can’t wait to get some more pins. I have my eye on a few cute ones from Etsy, which will probably look tiny in comparison!

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