Southwestern Blanket Shawl + Fall Nights

Last winter I picked up this blanket shawl with a southwestern print but had few occasions to wear it. Then before I knew it, the weather warmed up and I really couldn’t wear it. So once the weather got chilly again this fall I didn’t want to waste any time and make the most out of this blanket shawl for outdoor wear. You know, before it becomes absolutely freezing!

I wore this blanket shawl one night a few weeks ago to cozy up by the fire pit and roast marshmallows/make smores.



Shirt: Kohl’s | Blanket Shawl: American Eagle | Leggings: Aerie

I love how big, warm, and comfy this blanket shawl is. It was perfect to wrap up around myself for a chilly night outside. It definitely kept me cozy next to the fire. The print is pretty and I love the colors both inside and outside of the shawl. Because it is so big and has so much excess material, it allows for the print to pour out and look different all the time depending on how it’s wrapped around me or how it falls – if that makes sense. Here’s to some more nice, fall nights before the bitter cold begins!

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  1. That looks so cozy and the smores look delicious!

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    1. Thanks! The shawl is so cozy and the smores were indeed yummy 🙂

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  2. vivalaViv says:

    Love the blanket wrap, I want one too!!

    Vivienne X

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