Grafton Bed + Origami Comforter
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Grafton Bed

As many of you know, I recently bought a townhouse with my brother and have been moving in, furnishing it, etc. While there were a few things we brought over that we already owned, a majority of the items in the house are brand new. My bedroom furniture is all new. While I don’t think talking about my new dresser and skinny chest of drawers is very interesting, I do plan to talk in a future post about my closet organization and new vanity. But the piece of furniture I’m talking about today is my new bed which I’m in love with!

My bedroom furniture (minus the vanity which is from Wayfair) is all from Raymour & Flanigan. When I was looking for a bed, I had a few different things in mind but wasn’t set on any particular style. I last had a platform bed that had drawers underneath which was so useful. I considered getting another platform bed with drawers, but a lot of the ones I saw were so big – as in bulky. My bedroom is a decent size, but I want to maximize my space and a lot of the beds that come with drawers take up so much extra room. A full size bed with the platform and drawers can end up being as big as a queen or larger.

I also wanted to keep in mind decor and design. If i was buying a bed that was separate from the rest of the furniture, it would have to be a frame that could match anything. I decided I wanted to go with a brass or metal bed frame for two main reasons. 1) It would match most furniture. 2) It would offer space beneath the bed for storage containers.

I saw the Grafton Bed at Raymour & Flanigan and loved it right away. The metal was dark (it says it’s “Rusty Gold” in color but it’s pretty dark – almost black) so it would go with the dark wood furniture that I was buying. The design was so pretty, feminine, elegant, and as described by the brand it gives an “heirloom quality”.

Grafton Bed + Origama Comforter

Grafton Bed + Origami Comforter 4

Grafton Bed + Origama Comforter 3Grafton Bed + Origama Comforter + Eyelet Dust Ruffle

The frame is so classic and not overly ornate or anything. I’ll describe it as having a simple elegance to it.

Before I wrap up, I do want to mention the bedding. I listed this floral origami comforter in my June Favorites because it is so pretty! The print is beautiful and the dimpled folds give a flower effect and it’s just the best detail.

Grafton Bed + Origama Comforter 1Grafton Bed + Origama Comforter 2Origami Comforter 1

And lastly, I’m planning to use the space under my bed for shoe storage. I got these amazing shoe storage…things… from The Container Store – not really sure what they’re called and I already cut off the tags. But there is space for 16 shoes in this soft, zip up case. My bed has about 7 inches between the bottom of the frame and the carpet, so this fits perfectly. I haven’t moved all my shoes over to the new place yet, but I wanted to just give you an idea of what it looks like. Also, since I’m storing things under the bed and my frame is metal, I did buy a dust ruffle. My comforter is actually decently long so the metal along the sides of the frame don’t show, but still a dust ruffle is a nice addition to finish off a bed and this eyelet one is so cute and the perfect one for my whole bedding look.

Under Bed Shoe Organizer

As mentioned above, I don’t have shoes in here yet, but I did put one pair in for this photo to show you what it would look like.

Everything here except my dust ruffle is still available so I’ve linked to them. I’m really happy with how everything is coming along so far and can’t wait to share more home decor posts with you!

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