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June 2018 Favorites

July already?! I can’t believe it. My summer break just started a few days ago and it’s already July! I’m going to keep my June favorites short and sweet today because I’m beyond exhausted and don’t have the energy to write a long, detailed post today. The combination of family visiting and moving is wearing me out!

In any case, I have a few favorites this month (most of them just happen to be food) to share with you all! Let’s get to it – in no particular order.

First up, I think one of the most annoying things is waiting forever in line at Starbucks. Sometimes it’s super quick, sometimes the line is long but it moves along nicely, and other times the line consists of just a person or two ahead of you and for some reason the baristas take even longer! I’ve been loving using mobile orders this month. I love that I can place the order ahead of time and by the time I drive over my drink is all done and ready.


My next favorite is this cranberry walnut roll from Whole Foods. It is so good! I’ve been eating it with turkey, lettuce, and mayonnaise. It’s seriously the tastiest roll I’ve ever had.

Cranberry Walnut Roll

Next up is not a food favorite! As some of you may know, I recently bought a townhouse with my brother. Furniture was delivered a few days ago and I put my new sheets and comforter on the bed. I’m obsessed with both my wrought iron bed and my new floral origami comforter! The pattern and pinched origami detailing on the comforter is so beautiful and I’m loving my bed frame. So pretty and classic!

Floral Origami Comforter

Another non-food favorite – the flowers I pass by whenever I go walking for exercise. I don’t mean these flowers specifically, but in general I pass so many pretty flowers and landscaping. Seeing all the different flowers on my walk is a favorite of mine.

Sidewalk Flowers

Okay, back to the food. When I went to Target a few weeks ago to pick up the new Sour Patch Freeze as part of the Vacay Voxbox I couldn’t help myself and got a bag of Swedish Fish. I forgot how delicious and addictive they are!

Swedish Fish

And my last favorite is the everything bagel from Wegman’s. It’s so good and the flavor is good and not too overpowering. It’s just right!

Wegman's Everything Bagel

That’s it for my June favorites! Like I said, a lot of food – but it’s just what I’ve been loving the past month!

What are some things you loved in June?

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