Spicy Peanut Tofu Stirfry

Spicy Peanut Tofu Stir Fry

When I saw this Spicy Peanut Tofu Stir fry recipe I thought it looked so good! And it is. I’ve made it a few times before and when I took these photos I added chicken in. The original recipe is vegetarian, but as I said I added chicken so you can easily add meat or leave it out.

I followed the recipe, except for the adding chicken part, so you can click on the link above for the exact measurements and stuff.

First, I cut the tofu into large cubes and cut up an onion and baby bella mushrooms. Then, I made the sauce which is made from minced garlic, grated ginger, soy sauce, chili oil, sesame oil, peanut butter, lime juice, and brown sugar. I whisked the ingredients together for the sauce, but the recipe does say to use a blender or to shake it.

Place the tofu in to a large Ziploc bag and add in cornstarch and salt. Give it a good shake to get all the tofu coated.

Next, put the tofu in a skillet with oil and brown on all sides. When it starts to caramelize, remove the tofu off the heat. This is when I cook the chicken that I added in. After the chicken is done, cook the mushrooms and onions in the same pan.

When the mushrooms and onions are cooked to your liking, add the tofu back in to heat it up. Then, drizzle the sauce over the tofu, mushrooms, and onion. That’s it! I like to serve the spicy peanut tofu over white rice. You can crush real peanuts over the dish or add some other vegetables.

tofuMushrooms & onionsSpicy Peanut SauceSpicy Peanut Sauce 1Tofu 1tofu 2tofu 3tofu 4Spicy Peanut Tofu StirfrychickenMushrooms & Onions 1Spicy Peanut Tofu Stirfry 1Spicy Peanut Tofu Stirfry 2Spicy Peanut Tofu Stirfry 3

This is so yummy and I love how it’s easy to personalize the recipe!

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