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Last week I shared my new bed and today I’m sharing another bedroom piece – the Buttler Vanity Set. In my new bedroom I have a nice bay window looking out the back. Originally I wanted to put a comfy arm chair and ottoman there to enjoy the natural light and view. Somewhere I could cozy up and read or watch a movie on my TV when I didn’t want to have to sit on my bed. But then I decided that a vanity would be much more useful and I didn’t know how often I’d really sit in a chair there.

I decided on the Buttler Vanity Set from Wayfair for a few different reasons. First, the price was really good for such a well-made piece. Second, the style fit in with my other furniture especially my bed. Lastly, it’s the perfect size. It doesn’t take up the whole area, but it’s big enough for my purposes.

The vanity has an attached mirror that is adjustable, a glass top with a built in shelf that is mirrored. It also comes with a little stool/bench. Everything in and on the vanity are things I’m currently using. Anything else is put away. So basically I just have my essentials (foundation, concealer, etc.) and then the products I want to use for the next few weeks (eyeshadow palettes, blush, lip products, etc.). Then when I’m tired of those I will switch them out with other products I have. Sort of like a shop my stash/makeup basket of the week situation. On top of the vanity I keep the brushes I’m currently using, foundation, face powders, perfume, setting spray and the like. I am holding my currently using brushes in a blue mosaic tumbler and matching toothbrush holder. I got these from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and I thought they were so pretty! I decided to get the toothbrush holder instead of 2 tumblers because the tumblers are shorter and I was afraid that my bigger and taller brushes would make the tumblers tip over.

On the top I also have a round mirror that I bought from BB&B as well. Why do I need a 2nd mirror? The natural light from my window is fabulous, but when I go back to work in a few weeks I’ll be putting my makeup on at 6am. I’m afraid that even with the ceiling light and my bedside lamp the lighting will not be sufficient to really see and do my makeup properly. So I got this round lamp that folds down and also lights up. It’s battery operated and the ring around the mirror lights up! I looked at other light up mirrors and they were so expensive! This one was a really good price and good quality too. It’s cheaper because it’s plastic instead of metal, but I didn’t need anything fancy. I couldn’t find it online but it was at the store and I think it was less than $20.

Inside my vanity I have clear plastic trays also from BB&B that are for my current lip products and concealers, mascara, brow product, etc. This keeps them organized and not rolling around everywhere. I have the eye palette, blush, bronzer, highlight products I’m currently using and also a hair clip and my curling iron that I use the most. My other hair tools are put away since I don’t use them as often. There’s an outlet right by my vanity too so it will be really nice to be able to sit at my vanity and do my hair!

I think that’s all there is to know about the vanity set. You do have to assemble it yourself, but it wasn’t difficult. I took way too many photos of it to share for this post and I couldn’t decide what to cut out, so enjoy!

Buttler Vanity SetButtler Vanity Set 1Buttler Vanity Set 2Buttler Vanity Set 3Buttler Vanity Set 4Buttler Vanity Set 5Buttler Vanity Set 6Buttler Vanity Set 7Buttler Vanity Set 8Light up mirrorButtler Vanity Set 9Buttler Vanity Set 10Mosaic Tumbler

I’m so happy I decided to get this vanity. It’s the perfect addition to my room and I’m loving it!

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