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Restaurant: Salted Lime

For months my friends had been raving about a relatively new Central/South American restaurant nearby called Salted Lime. I hadn’t gone with them the times they went so on my birthday a few weeks ago a little group of us decided to go. One of my friend’s birthdays is a few days before mine and since we don’t all get to see each other very often we used our birthdays as a reason to get together for dinner.

The restaurant did not disappoint and I’ve actually been there twice now in less than a month!

Here are a few photos of what I had when I went the first time there.

Salted LimeSalted Lime 1

The restaurant is pretty busy even though it’s been open for a while now. I couldn’t get us a reservation for that night but they told me that walk-ins are welcome. When we got there around 7:15 we sat at the bar to wait for a table for about an hour. While we waited and chatted we got some sangria. I thought serving the sangria in a french press was a cool idea instead of a pitcher.

Salted Lime - SangriaSalted Lime - Sangria 1

After we were seated, we chose appetizers to share: guacamole and yuca fries. My friends could not stop talking about the yuca fries. Seriously, our group text after I suggested going to Salted Lime for dinner was filled with them talking about how weΒ had to order the yuca fries. They were really good, especially with the aioli sauce.

Salted Lime - GuacamoleSalted Lime - Yuca Fries

For my dinner I got the pork carnitas tacos and they were sooo good. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t finish all of it because it was so delicious, but I was just too full. It has to be noted that I hate (I meanΒ hate) cilantro so I picked off the cilantro on top (thankfully it was big leaves of it and not tiny chopped up pieces) but the tacos were incredible.

Lastly, our friends surprised my fellow birthday friend and me by having the restaurant bring over birthday ice cream. Pretty cool that they have special plates just to hold candles for a birthday ice cream scoop. The strawberry ice cream was really good and not too heavy/creamy.

Salted Lime - Pork CarnitasSalted Lime - Pork Carnitas 1Salted Lime - Birthday Ice Cream

So if you couldn’t tell, we had a great time at Salted Lime and a delicious meal. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been there twice now and the food was just as good the 2nd time around. The service is great as well. The only thing I will note is that because of the acoustics inside it is very loud. So it’s definitely the kind of place where you have to sort of yell or talk loud to talk to the people you’re with at your table. The 2nd time I went we ate outside because it was nice weather and it seemed especially loud inside. So if you’re looking for a quiet place for a nice meal, then Salted Lime isn’t for you. But if you’re interested in a more lively atmosphere and a great latin meal then definitely check it out!

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