Redstone Grill - Baked Crab Dip

Redstone Grill

Do you have a Redstone Grill near you? I think there are only a handful of them around the country, but one of them is near me. I went a few weeks ago with my family and it was my first time even though the restaurant has been open for at least a year, so I thought I would take some photos of what we ordered and my thoughts.

Redstone Grill

My family and I ordered two appetizers to share: the Baked Crab DipBuffalo Jumbo Shrimp. Both were so good! The shrimp was a little spicy in a tangy way and so delicious. The crab dip was also super tasty and the flatbread crisps for the dip were perfect.

Redstone Grill - Baked Crab DipRedstone Grill - Buffalo Jumbo Shrimp

For my entree, I really wanted the Beef Wellington and you could order a double order so my mom and I shared. It came with a very generous helping of mashed potatoes and carrots. The beef wellington was good, but not as good as the one I had on my cruise in Alaska which is the last time I had it. I like when the pastry is much thinner – like a puff pastry so that it is lighter and a nice ratio of meat to pastry. This one was so thick that it was like I was eating a roll with steak inside. It was still tasty, but a little too heavy for my liking.

Redstone Grill - Beef WellingtonRedstone Grill - Beef Wellington 1

For dessert, we shared their chocolate cake which was massive for one person to eat on their own! It was the best chocolate cake I’ve had in a long time though! It was definitely not too rich or chocolatey. It was so light and not too sweet either. It came with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream which were the perfect way to balance the cake.

Redstone Grill - Chocolate Cake

Overall, I would go back but wouldn’t order the beef wellington. The appetizers and dessert were definitely the stars of the meal and I’d go back just for those!

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