Savor - Umbrellas


A few weeks ago I went to the restaurant,  Savor, and I wanted to share a few pictures and my thoughts! I went on a really comfortable evening weather-wise so my friends and I were able to sit outside. I love being able to sit outside but it’s always tricky in the summer because if it’s really hot you’d rather be in the air conditioning. Luckily, it was nice that evening.

The restaurant is right on Main St. in Somerville, NJ so the outdoor dining has a nice sidewalk cafe feel to it with it’s large, orange umbrellas. The ambience was definitely nice.

Savor - Umbrellas

Now onto the food. For my appetizer, I ordered the caprese salad. It’s hard for me to resist a caprese salad when it’s offered! This one was alright. It lacked a bit in flavor. Maybe there wasn’t enough salt & pepper combined with the fact that the tomatoes weren’t very sweet. It wasn’t bad and I still ate it all, but it wasn’t that great.

Savor - Caprese Salad

For my entree, I got the gnocchi which was served in a light pesto cream sauce. I love gnocchi, but I’m very particular about it because I like my pasta al dente and some places make it really soft. This gnocchi was on the softer side, but it wasn’t too soft so I still liked it. The pesto cream was very light and nice – not heavy at all. I really enjoyed this dish!

Savor - Pesto Gnocchi

I didn’t get a dessert, but based on my caprese salad and gnocchi – I’d give this restaurant another try. I wasn’t blown away by the food so I’m not in a rush to head back, but I liked it enough to try it again especially when the weather’s good because the ambience of the outdoor dining was a big plus.

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