Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

I’m here with a beauty review today – a foundation! Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation (that’s a mouthful) isn’t new – it’s been around for years, but it’s new to me. I first heard people gushing about it a few years ago and I made a mental note to try it out. But, you know how it is – other products come up or you keep forgetting you wanted to try something and the next thing you know it’s 3 years later! So without further ado let me tell you if this foundation lives up to the hype.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

As a side note – it’s fitting that I’m talking about this Amazonian Clay foundation given that I recently saw Wonder Woman (I’m super late I know) and The Lost City of Z. And if you don’t know, Wonder Woman is the Princess of the Amazons and The Lost City of Z is based on the real-life explorer Percy Fawcett and his quest to find what he believed was an ancient civilization in the Amazon (or Amazonia as he called it).

Anyway, the brand describes this foundation as:

“Get 12 hours of flawless coverage with this long-wearing, skin-perfecting formula with UVA/UVB SPF 15. It’s full-coverage and supremely blendable and buildable formula has a weightless texture and is available in a broad range of shades.

Whether skin is oily, dry, or combination, “skin-smart” Amazonian clay will intuitively adjust to meet and address your skin concerns for makeup that wears better, longer, and truer. This revolutionary foundation reduces the appearance of pores, discolorations, and imperfections and ensures a perfectly flawless complexion every time.”

I first tried this foundation when I was away on vacation in Cape Cod. I packed it with me because I was on the last days of my previous foundation. I think I ended up starting this foundation on day 2 of my trip. I was immediately impressed! It is on the thicker side, but not too thick. If there’s a such thing as medium thickness, I would put it there. It’s very easy to blend and work with, but it’s not runny in the least. It is described as full coverage, but I haven’t layered it to the point where it would be completely full coverage. I wear it at about a medium coverage which is fine for me. You can layer it though as I haven’t found it to cake at all!

Not only did the natural look and ease of use impress me, but what truly impresses me is the longevity. It holds up, for real! I was out and about all day while on vacation including out in the heat and it did not budge at all. I didn’t look like my makeup was melting off or oily or anything. In fact, I personally think it just looks better and better as the day goes on. Until much later in the day when you just look tired in general, that is! It truly does live up to the hype and I will definitely repurchase this in the future!

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