Kyma Greek Cuisine

Greek food and mediterranean food in general is a cuisine I really enjoy. I love the different meats and fresh vegetables all with a mediterranean flair. My friend told me about a greek restaurant nearby, Kyma Greek Cuisine,  that she had been wanting to try. We finally found a day to go for dinner and of course I documented my food to share here since it was my first time there!

Kyma Greek Cuisine

When I’m going to a restaurant that is new to me I sometimes like to check out the menu online to get an idea of what the appetizers and entrees are. I read some Yelp reviews that said the food was good, but also some reviews that said the service left something to be desired so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Thankfully, service was good for us. Our waitress was pretty attentive and friendly and we didn’t experience any issues!

For an appetizer, we ordered the saganaki which I always love. If you don’t know what it is, it’s essentially fried cheese . The cheese comes out in a frying pan and they pour some liquor on it and set it ablaze. This was not the best saganaki I’ve had. I don’t think the liquor burned off so the cheese had a bit of a bitter taste to it.

Kyma - Saganaki

For my entree, I got the chicken souvlaki, which is usually a sure hit. It was indeed tasty and the chicken was tender and flavorful. The mediterranean salad it came with was probably the star of the plate though!

The fries were good, but what I was a bit disappointed by was that it was served with ketchup which made it just seem like any old American restaurant. In other greek restaurants I’ve been to they usually serve greek fries, which are seasoned with things like lemon juice and grated cheese.

Kyma - Chicken Souvlaki
Kyma - Chicken Souvlaki 1

Overall we had a nice time at the restaurant and the food was good. It definitely doesn’t replace my favorite greek restaurant which is about the same distance away from me but in the opposite direction. But, it was a nice alternative option.

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