• Saganaki


    Kyma Greek Cuisine

    Greek food and mediterranean food in general is a cuisine I really enjoy. I love the different meats and fresh vegetables all with a mediterranean flair. My friend told me about a greek restaurant nearby, Kyma Greek Cuisine,  that she had been wanting to try. We finally found a day to go for dinner and of course I documented my food to share here since it was my first time there! When I’m going to a restaurant that is new to me I sometimes like to check out the menu online to get an idea of what the appetizers and entrees are. I read some Yelp reviews that said the…

  • St. George Greek Festival


    Greek Festival

    It’s my last day of work/school for the school year! I have some last minute tidying up to do and if you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen my Instastory last week where I showed 40+ boxes of books in my classroom that need to be moved to our new building. Hopefully today goes smoothly! Onto today’s post. Every year the Greek Orthodox church in my hometown has a festival that lasts a few days. The festival is super popular and has tons of people going to hang out, eat delicious food, and listen/watch performances from musicians and dancers. I went this year for the first time…

  • Food

    Dafni Greek Taverna

    I have a quick Monday post for you all today. Last week when I went to The Hunger Games Exhibition I Yelped restaurants in the midtown area of the city to check out for lunch. I love Greek food and Dafni Greek Taverna got great reviews and was a short walk from the exhibition. Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by friendly service and clean, crisp decor. The restaurant was brightly lit with lights as well as sunlight streaming in from the windows as the front of the restaurant is lined with large paned windows. So how was the food? We ordered the Saganaki, a baked imported cheese, and the Dolmades,…