Dafni Greek Taverna

I have a quick Monday post for you all today. Last week when I went to The Hunger Games Exhibition I Yelped restaurants in the midtown area of the city to check out for lunch. I love Greek food and Dafni Greek Taverna got great reviews and was a short walk from the exhibition.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by friendly service and clean, crisp decor. The restaurant was brightly lit with lights as well as sunlight streaming in from the windows as the front of the restaurant is lined with large paned windows.

So how was the food?



We ordered the Saganaki, a baked imported cheese, and the Dolmades, grapevine stuffed leaves stuffed with rice and herbs for appetizers. The cheese was hot and flavorful – a little salty but if you ate it with the generous amounts of pita that they provided the table with it was perfect. The grape leaves were delicious. I don’t like when grape leaves are served hot, so I was really pleased with these!

For my entree, I chose the Chicken Souvlaki Platter. The chicken was moist and perfectly seasoned and the rice was so good. Even after I was stuffed and couldn’t eat any more, I kept eating the rice because it was so flavorful. What I absolutely loved about the dish though was that although the chicken and vegetables are lined up as though they are on a skewer, they actually were not! I find it really difficult to take food off of skewers while at restaurants so I was really thankful that the restaurant does the work for you!

If I wasn’t so full, I would’ve ordered dessert. I had my eye on the rice pudding, but I really could not eat any more.

If you like Greek food and find yourself in the area I recommend Dafni Greek Taverna for a very pleasant eating experience!

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