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Decorate with Flowers

Decorate with Flowers
You know I love flowers and floral prints in my fashion, but how about decorating with flowers? That’s an obvious yes! But you need to be careful with the florals when decorating because there’s a fine line between beautiful floral accents in interior design and an explosion of floral patterns that makes it look like you live in a potpourri dish.
In this set, I chose a sofa that has a large leaf/floral pattern but it is in white and grey so it gives a very classic and understated look instead of bold, bright floral patterns in your face. You can also hang some artwork and photographs that feature flowers on the wall and by mixing it up with black & white shots you can avoid going overboard. Throw pillows that offer a bit more color are a nice way to add some vibrancy to the room without it being a whole couch full of color. Finally, what else could add the finishing touches to decorating with flowers? Fresh flowers! A simple glass vase housing a small bouquet of flowers is the final piece to the room.

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