Boulevard Seafood

Back in August I went out to dinner with my parents and brother for my parents’ anniversary. We went to a seafood restaurant nearby, Boulevard Seafood. They have a small seafood market inside and they have a small cafe and bakery attached to the restaurant that is owned by the same owners.


The restaurant was pretty crowded that night and despite having a reservation we had to wait about 10 minutes to be seated. I would normally have no problem with a short wait, however it was a tad annoying when we had a reservation and groups who were walk-ins were seated right away. But anyway, the atmosphere is really nice and lively with enthusiastic diners.

First we were served bread which was a seasoned, onion bread that was really tasty. It was served with a dipping oil, but the bread was so flavorful on its own that I didn’t even feel the need to dip it.


As an appetizer, my brother and I shared a plate of yellowfin tuna poké which was served with avocado, jicama, sugar snap, and sesame soy chili dressing. It was really good and reminded me of Hawaii.


For my entree I ordered the seared day boat scallops & lemongrass pork belly which was served with spinach, raisin, pine nut sofrito, and whole-grain mustard. Beets were also there but not in the description on the menu. I’ve always wanted to like beets and every time I tried them didn’t like them, but finally I liked these. The scallops were really good, but the pork belly was a little tough.


As a side I ordered green beans with pistachios. These were delicious. My entree came with a side, but I didn’t know it would be such a large side! That’s okay though because I love vegetables especially green beans.

For dessert we got a sampler which consisted of a chocolate chip cookie, lemon bar, chocolate mousse, among other little treats. I ordered a strawberry parfait which was the perfect size for me.


All in all a nice meal at Boulevard Seafood. I enjoyed my appetizer and side dish of green beans a little more than my entree, but that’s not enough to turn me off from trying the restaurant out again.

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