Smashbox: Fusion Soft Lights

If any of you have accounts on Sephora’s website then you know the site has a nifty “loves” feature which is basically adding items to your list of favorites. Smashbox’s Soft Fusion Lights has been on my list of loves for a really long time. Like probably two years, long time. I picked it up in the “Baked Starblush” shade. What drew me to this powder is the pretty pinwheel disc design with varying shades of pink, rose, and white.


I love multitasking products so this fusion soft lights which offers a natural pink to your cheeks mixed with some luminous glow is right up my alley. Smashbox says you can use this product anywhere you want a “boost of soft, radiant color” such as your cheeks, temples, nose, décolleté. You can also use it on your eyes for a shimmering eyeshadow. It’s important to note that the company describes it as shimmering color but there is no glitter or anything in this product so I think when they say shimmering they just mean the luminosity or lit from within glow that it imparts.

My final thoughts? I really like it! It gives a really natural look and subtle flush of color to the cheeks. I haven’t tried it as an eyeshadow or anything yet, but as a blush/highlight mix I’ve really enjoyed it.

I’ve only tried a few things from Smashbox (mostly holiday things) but I have to say I do enjoy what I’ve tried from them.

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