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    NARS Cheek Palette

    I have to preface this post by saying that sadly I don’t think this cheek palette is available anymore. I got it during the holidays but didn’t have a chance to share it before now. BUT, all the shades in it are staple NARS shades so you can easily buy them individually or in other cheek palettes in the future I’m sure since they are cult favorites. I mostly got this one just because I didn’t own these cult favorites on their own and the packaging was so cool! So I named this blog post “NARS Cheek Palette” because it’s really called NARS Orgasm Infatuation and I didn’t want that…

  • Tarte Blush Color Wheel


    Tarte Amazonian Blush Color Wheel

    Have you used any Tarte products? I have a few items from the brand, mostly from their holiday collections. I think their eyeshadows are good, but their cheek products are amazing. I got the Amazonian Blush Color Wheel around the holidays and its not currently available, but I’m sharing it with you because they often come out with new blush and cheek palettes and color wheels so this can serve as a general idea of what you might see in future products. Plus, even though this particular color wheel isn’t available anymore there are still other cheek palettes and wheels available! The disc has blush and highlight shades on both sides of…

  • fusion-soft-lights-baked-starblush


    Smashbox: Fusion Soft Lights

    If any of you have accounts on Sephora’s website then you know the site has a nifty “loves” feature which is basically adding items to your list of favorites. Smashbox’s Soft Fusion Lights has been on my list of loves for a really long time. Like probably two years, long time. I picked it up in the “Baked Starblush” shade. What drew me to this powder is the pretty pinwheel disc design with varying shades of pink, rose, and white. I love multitasking products so this fusion soft lights which offers a natural pink to your cheeks mixed with some luminous glow is right up my alley. Smashbox says you can…

  • Makeup Revolution Haul


    Makeup Revolution – Cheek Haul

    I’m jumping on the Makeup Revolution bandwagon! I first heard of this brand a few years ago but I only saw British bloggers and YouTubers talking about it and it was very hard to find here in the States. Fast forward to now and Ulta has started to carry the brand. The products are still limited here, but it is slowly expanding. Of course, I had to dip my foot in to see what all the hype was about. I’ve only used these products twice so far so I can’t give a proper review therefore this post is just a look at my haul, which is only 2 products. I got…