Makeup Revolution Haul

Makeup Revolution – Cheek Haul

I’m jumping on the Makeup Revolution bandwagon! I first heard of this brand a few years ago but I only saw British bloggers and YouTubers talking about it and it was very hard to find here in the States. Fast forward to now and Ulta has started to carry the brand. The products are still limited here, but it is slowly expanding. Of course, I had to dip my foot in to see what all the hype was about. I’ve only used these products twice so far so I can’t give a proper review therefore this post is just a look at my haul, which is only 2 products.

I got the Ultra Blush Palette and the Ultra Bronze Palette .

Makeup Revolution Haul
Makeup Revolution Haul 1
Makeup Revolution Haul 2
Makeup Revolution - Bronze Palette
Makeup Revoluation - Blush Palette
Makeup Revolution - Bronze Palette 1
Makeup Revolution - Blush Palette

I love the assortment of shades in both cheek palettes and while they are labeled as bronzers and blushes, both palettes contain shades that can be used for multiple uses such as highlighters and setting powders. As I mentioned before, I’ve only used these a few times so I can’t give a review on it nor did I plan to do a first impressions, but so far I’m impressed. The blushes especially are quite pigmented! The cases are a bit flimsy with their plastic lacquer casing, but for only $10 a piece, these were definitely worth the money and hype!

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