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5 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

Technically, it is still winter and we should have a long way to go until spring rolls around, but recently, the temps have been well above normal and it is reminding me that in reality, spring is just right around the corner. Because I am very excited about spring weather, I wanted to chat with you all about how you can get your home ready for spring! Get ready to take down your snow dusted wreath and dust off your warm weather clothes. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start – I’ll help you out! There are so many ways to get your home spruced up, but here are my favorite ways:



Deep Cleaning
I know deep cleaning is a ton of work, but you will feel so much better after it is done. Make sure to get the areas that you do not normally clean like baseboards, under your beds, your curtains, inside your cabinets, and maybe you could even give your carpet a good deep cleaning. In my opinion, you should be doing a very thorough deep cleaning at least twice a year, but I think spring is especially important because it falls right after all of the holidays, when more people are in your home. During the holidays, your house fills up with dirt, dust, dander, and of course, a lot of extra items. Spring is the season of new, so it is the perfect time to get your home fresh and clean.


After you have finished your deep cleaning, you should have pulled out everything that you do not need. Make sure you did not forget about your closet! Pack up these items in boxes or bags and consider giving them away to people that actually need them. Research places in your area where you can do this. From homeless shelters to goodwill stores, there are endless places to donate your clothes, toys, and other items and you will feel good about it, too. Huffington Post says, “In most cases, you can even turn your donations into tax savings. It’s important to be informed when you’re giving back, so be sure to check out sites like CharityWatch.org to find out how your donation will actually reach people in need.”


Bring in the decor
This is the fun part! Replace your snow dusted wreath and eucalyptus garland with pastels and other spring colors. You could even get fun with it and start decorating for Easter! If you want to stay low-key with the spring decor, you could go with lush greens and light blue colors, as well. One great decor piece that I have seen this year is olive branches. They are so elegant, but at the same time, not over the top. You don’t need much, maybe just a few things here and there, but whatever you do, don’t forget to add a touch of gorgeous flowers because they just scream ‘spring’ to me.


Paint is a fantastic way to get your home ready. If you choose to paint an entire room, fantastic! Or, maybe you just want to touch up your paint. A few times a year, I touch up my baseboards and walls with paint that I store in my garage. This makes my home look fresh and new, which is perfect for spring.


Add Color Into Your Home
You could stick with just adding paint if you want to add color into your home, but I say go big or go home! I love adding a pop of color through furniture, decor pieces, and rugs, as well. If you are searching for new pieces to spruce up your home and turn it into a spring paradise, I highly recommend checking out Sweet Home Stores. They are a furniture store located in Clifton, NJ, and they have become a popular store for customers looking for quality selections of affordable and stylish home decor. Established in 2014, Sweethome Stores is run by a highly knowledgeable staff with considerable experience in the rug and furniture business, allowing us to understand what our customers are looking for and effectively help them find it at the quality and price that works for them. Our fleet of delivery vehicles allow for white glove service straight to our customers homes, providing setup support. We also run multiple promotions with affordable deals and offer our customers options to apply for credit to help them purchase the furniture and home décor items they need.” Sweet Home Stores is a great place to find quality rugs in Clifton NJ. They have a huge selection of different styles that will fit your home and price range.



What is your favorite way to get your home spring ready? Let me know in the comments below!

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