Time To Talk About Winter And Preparing Your Home For It

It is official. The summer months are ending and we are heading towards colder days, darker mornings and nights, and the festive period at a fast pace. Some people love and embrace this time of year, and some people prefer the warmth. However, the one thing we can all agree on is the need to prepare for any up and coming bad weather. It’s fair to say that we can no longer predict the type of weather we are going to get, with cold blasts and snow storms hitting us, as well as heatwaves and rainy summers. Your home takes the brunt of it, regardless. With that in mind, here are some of the things to think about to help you prepare your home for winter. 

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Think about the roof
When it comes to the weather your roof can take the brunt of it, the wind, the rain, thunderstorms, all of it. One loose slate or crack can mean that you have a leak or a flood on your hands. However, a great tip would be to check over the roof in the first place, anything that looks a little loose could be looked at by a repairer who could offer a roof repair solution in advance, which could help to avoid there being any huge disaster when the bad weather hits. If there is a particularly bad time of weather, make sure you check on the roof regularly to avoid this happening. 


Insulate your home
Another thing to consider would be to insulate your home. During the winter, you won’t notice it so much, but when the colder weather starts, draft can circulate through the walls and heat can escape through the loft and roof. Insulation can be seen as an investment, but once it is inserted, you will notice that heat stays in your home for longer, which could reduce the temperature and the amount of time your heating is on for. 


Invest for better heating options
On the subject of heating, now would be the ideal time to consider all of your options and looking into better ways to heat up your home. This might be considering things such as a new central heating system, a wood burner in a living room, or even investing in new windows and doors to help keep the heat inside of your home. Again this can help reduce your energy bills in the long run. 


Protect the exterior pipes
There is no doubt that we are going to struggle with things such as ice, snow and cold blasts, and the exterior pipes which tackle water in and out of our home are exposed. They can easily get iced up at the coldest points, and then burst as the temperature reduces by a few degrees. A great tip would be to look at protecting them with an added insulation pipe of a material like foam. It can help to avoid the temperature decreasing to a freezing point. 


Let’s hope these tips help you on your way to prepare your home for winter. 

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