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Red, Green, & Gold Christmas Tree

This year with my new townhouse I got a new Christmas tree from Costco. A pre-lit one, which is new to me. I have to say it was so much easier to not have to string the lights! The tree I got is 7 ft. tall and the lights can be white, colored, or alternate – which is the setting I normally have it on since I love both white and colored lights. The small lights are classic and clean, but part of me still misses those large old school bulbs!

For my tree this year, I inadvertently got an assortment of red, green, and gold ornaments. When I went to pick up some more balls, I loved a set that were a frosty blue and with the gold and green glitter on them, it gave a sort of peacock colored theme. But, I also loved a red, green, gold set and I decided to go with those since they would go with a set I previously bought of the same color scheme. In the past I never really gave thought to sticking to a theme. My ornaments are usually a modge podge of pretty ornaments, sentimental ornaments, travel ornaments, Hallmark keepsake ornaments, etc. But this year since I was buying all new Christmas tree decorations I decided I wanted to do a theme. I also bought red beaded garland and I LOVE it. I’ve always wanted beaded garland and I love these mirrored red ones of varying bead sizes.

For my tree skirt, I got a plaid one which I really like and again, I didn’t plan it, but it goes with my color scheme. I bought a star tree topper but it was too heavy for the top of my tree. The needles on this artificial tree are more rubbery in feel than the prickly ones I’m use to and the top doesn’t allow me to gather multiple pieces together to stick into the tree topper to stabilize it. I considered getting some other kind of tree topper, but I kind of like the simplicity of having it bare on top.

Here are a whole bunch of daytime and nighttime photos!

Christmas Tree - DaytimeChristmas Tree - Daytime 1Christmas Tree - Daytime 2Christmas Tree - Daytime 3Christmas Tree - Daytime 4Christmas Tree - Daytime 5Christmas Tree - Daytime 6Christmas Tree - Daytime 7Christmas Tree - NighttimeChristmas Tree - Nighttime 1Christmas Tree - Nighttime 2Christmas Tree - Nighttime 3Christmas Tree - Nighttime 4Christmas Tree - Nighttime 5Christmas Tree - Nighttime 6Christmas Tree - Nighttime 7Christmas Tree - Nighttime 8Christmas Tree - Nighttime 9Christmas Tree - Nighttime 10

One set of my ornaments is from Michaels and the other is from Hobby Lobby. The other ornaments are a few I picked up from my parents’ house that are from some of my travels and some are sentimental. Again, I inadvertently chose most of my ornaments from my parents’ house that didn’t clash with the scheme I ended up doing. The plaid tree skirt is also from Michaels and my red beaded garland is from Target.

I love Christmas decorations and I have more to come!

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