Mini Christmas Tree + Vintage Ornaments
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Mini Christmas Tree + Mini Vintage Ornaments

When you get a mini Christmas tree you need mini ornaments right? Okay well I guess you don’t need them, but it’s always fun to decorate. I have two mini trees in my place this year. One is new and one is old. The one I’ve had for years is currently in my family room and if you’ve been following me for a while or at least for more than 1 Christmas season then you’ve seen it before. I didn’t decorate that one – it has berries and pinecones on it and I decided to leave it without additional decorations. I have a few photos of that one which I’ll include at the end.

But, the real purpose of this post today is to show off my new mini tree and the adorable mini vintage ornaments I got that just so happen to be the perfect size for this tree.

I was looking for a mini tree to put in my bedroom and after lots of browsing and looking for one that didn’t look cheap, wasn’t too big or too tiny, I found the perfect one. I love the shape of this one because it looks really life-like – like a real potted evergreen in a burlap wrapped container. It is pre-lit and perfect!

The mini ornaments I got are so fun and cute. The main reason I got these vintage style ornaments is because of the balls that look half caved in. A side is “missing” and has that crushed mirrored look. These are a miniature version of ones my parents used to have that I always loved – truly vintage! When I was growing up we used to have a handful of glass ornaments that had that half caved in look that my parents had had for years. They got married in the 70s so I assume the ornaments are from the 70s or early 80s. Over the years we lost a lot of those ones probably from breaking since those ball ornaments are always so fragile. Anyway, when I saw that this mini vintage set had those ball ornaments that had that missing side/caved in/mirrored look I had to have them! Anthropologie actually calls them retro ornaments, but vintage, retro – kind of the same thing right?

Mini Vintage OrnamentsMini Vintage Ornaments 1Mini Vintage Ornaments 2Mini Christmas TreeMini Christmas Tree 1Mini Christmas Tree 2Mini Christmas Tree + Vintage OrnamentsMini Christmas Tree + Vintage Ornaments 1Mini Christmas Tree + Vintage Ornaments 2Mini Christmas Tree + Vintage Ornaments 3Mini Christmas Tree + Vintage Ornaments 4Mini Christmas Tree + Vintage Ornaments 5Mini Christmas Tree + Vintage Ornaments 6Mini Christmas Tree + Vintage Ornaments 7

Tree: Target (here) | Ornaments: Anthropologie (here)

I love this little tree next to my vanity in my bedroom! The vintage style ornaments are the perfect addition and the fact that they’re mini worked out perfectly for the size of my tree. I bought both items separately and from different stores and it wasn’t until I had received both that I realized I could put them together.

And here’s a look at my other mini tree that I have had for years. It is taller than the other and more traditional looking.

Mini Pinecone & Berries Christmas TreeMini Pinecone & Berries Christmas Tree 1Mini Pinecone & Berries Christmas Tree 2

I don’t remember where this one is from. I got it years ago, but it’s held up well over the years. I just stick a garbage bag over it and put it in the basement during the year before it’s time to break it out again.

How do you feel about mini trees? I know there are people who have multiple regular sized Christmas trees in their houses and I hope to one day be in that position, but for now I’m happy with my 1 regular sized tree and two mini trees!

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