What’s Going On Inside Your Home This Winter?

Your home during the winter time can be a mixed bag of cold and coziness, even with those new highlights you added over the summer! But not only that, there could be all kinds of things going on inside your house during the festive season – after all, it’s a whole three months of the year, and a lot can happen in about 90 days or so! So to make sure there’s nothing nasty living in your walls and on your ceilings, and that all your systems are working properly, here’s just a couple of things to remember about the interior of your home this winter.


All sorts of things could be happening inside these houses over winter!(Image)


Is a Cold Going Around?

Colds are very common during the winter season, simply because germs can spread a lot easier in contained places, and that’s where you’re likely to be when it’s wet and windy outside. And seeing as the winter has a lot of horrible weather that innately makes us want to seek shelter, if someone comes home with a bit of a cough and a sneeze, there’s a very good chance you’ll wake up with one that next morning too!

So to help stop the spread of cold and flu germs around your house’s interior this winter season, let’s focus a little on preventative measures. After all, there’s a lot you can do to help keep the bad bugs at bay, and it just requires a bit of extra vigilance on your part.

First of all, hand washing – it’s often crooned about by the media and health services for a reason! Everytime you need to sneeze, make an effort to catch the sneeze in a tissue, and then bin it, and then wash your hands. Try to make sure every member of your family is doing this without fail!

Next up, you’re going to want to put a disinfectant to good use, seeing as they often can kill around 99% of the residual germs just lingering on your household surfaces. Go around with a cloth and bit of this polish a couple times a week. Clean the kitchen down thoroughly, as that’s where you prepare all your foods, and then hit surfaces like the TV, the TV remotes, and the coffee table in your living room. And once you’ve cleaned those up, make sure you don’t forget about door handles and window latches as well!


Is the Plumbing Up to Scratch?

The plumbing in your house can become damaged very easily during the winter season, seeing as there’s all kinds of elemental threats to your pipes and water systems. Most of all, the cold will get deep into your pipes’ bones. If your pipes get too cold, any water inside them is going to freeze, and when it freezes, the pipe that contains it is going to expand around this new mass. If that happens, the pipes are going to weaken, and if it happens again and again, there’s a very good chance your pipes will simply burst!

And you don’t want to be dealing with mini floods all over your kitchen and bathroom floors. And if you’ve got an open planned set up, there’s a lot more potential damage that can be done than simply ruining the tiles you laid out yourself! So wrap your pipes up warm, with a bit of padding and gauze here and there, and make sure you turn the water supply in your house off when you’re not using it. This is the best way to cut down on residual storage and slow drips that might be coming out of the tap, which, if allowed to continue, will put up your bills for the Christmas month.


Are There Any Pests?

Bugs and insects are going to be living inside your house all throughout the year, but it’s during the autumn and winter when you see these creatures the most. The colder times of the year are when insects such as spiders come out to mate, and you’re going to see big and small ones all over your walls and ceilings – they’re nasty to see out of the corner of your eye, and even nastier to see crawling over your pillow when you turn over in bed!

But there’s not too much we can do about these littler, fast moving creatures, unless you’re noticing more and more of them overrunning your household. Maybe you’ve seen a nest, maybe you’ve noticed quite a few spiders carrying egg sacks on their backs – then it’s time to call someone in to help you out. A service like ABC Pest Control would be perfect here, seeing as there’s quite a few pests they can deal with, if you’re noticing moth infestations, or simply a lot of silverfish hiding in the carpet. Why not give them a call, if you’re bothered about the amount of critters you’re noticing in the woodworks?


Are the Kids Getting Bored?

They can’t go outside as much, it’s getting darker a lot faster than usual, and you’re all just a bit bored inside the house. Well, now’s the time to stop these habits in their tracks – there’s quite a few activities you can get up to over the winter season, and now’s your chance to make this Christmas better than any before it.

So, now’s the time to take more day trips at the weekend, to places where it isn’t as wet, dark, or rainy. Out to old castles across the country, or maybe even day trips that require a ferry to get back and forth from. Or you could get a bit more crafty with your decorations – make your own tinsel, make some funny or festive shapes out of the lights you hang up, or even just make your own Christmas cards this year. Whatever gets you all into the festive spirit!

Your home during the winter can be a hive of problems, so let’s make sure you’re aware of how they affect you!

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