Sedona - Lightning
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Photo Challenge: Danger!

Happy Friday! This week has been weird. I feel like I didn’t know what day of the week it was all week. Anyone else feel out of sorts this week?

Last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Danger!” and the example was pretty funny. I thought about what photos I had that might be good for the challenge and I finally settled on one. Now, two things to preface this photo. 1) This was actually a video and I screenshot it for the purposes of this photo challenge. 2) It was taken by my brother and not me although I was sitting right next to him when he took it. He got a better video than me.

Sedona - Lightning

This was taken in Sedona, Arizona when I went two years ago (I think it was 2 years ago). This was the one day I had time to sit by the pool and of course shortly after I got comfortable out there the dark clouds started to roll in and we saw lightning in the distance. Needless to say, the pool was closed after the visible lightning for safety issues so I had to head back to my room. Too bad I didn’t get to relax in that pool!

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