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Photo Challenge: Chaos

Sometimes I feel like The Daily Post posts photo challenges that fit perfectly with what is going on in my life/in the world that week. And the challenges are revealed before whatever happens happens. I’m starting to think The Daily Post can tell the future. So this past week’s challenge was “Chaos” and I, like many of you, am still heartbroken over the election. If you’re a regular follower, you may have read my post on Election Day about my vote prior to the whole debacle and chaos that ensued. During this whole election season I couldn’t believe there was a candidate like Donald Trump and believed there was no possible way he could win. A Trump presidency honestly scares me. It’s not so much his policies (although those are questionable and scary as well) because I choose to believe that our system of checks and balances will help keep him in line, but I’m nervous and afraid about all the hate that he supported and encouraged during his campaign. We’ve already seen how many people have been physically or verbally attacked in the two days since he was elected due to their race, religion, sexual orientation, and/or disability.

I know some people are saying it’s not that big of a deal or it won’t be that bad – I hope you’re right. But, in the meantime I have to agree with a quote/meme I saw online the other day. It said something like don’t tell people they’re going to be okay when Trump has told those specific groups that they won’t be okay. I know some people are also saying we need to suck it up because this is who the people voted for. While I do somewhat agree that we’re going to have to get used to the fact that Trump is our president, I don’t agree with the whole notion that this is who we voted for. Hillary won the popular vote. That means more people in the country voted for her. It’s just those pesky electoral votes that she didn’t get enough of. So, if you want to be technical – the majority of us did not vote for Donald Trump.

I really wanted Hillary to win, not only to beat Trump, but because I believe she wants to do good for this country and its people. I feel so sorry that she won’t be the one (most likely) that will get to break that glass ceiling after all she’s done to get there. I’m not afraid to admit that I contributed to her campaign because I felt that strongly about seeing our first female president.

I went to bed before midnight on Election Night and couldn’t sleep all night out of fear, nervousness, and anxiety. I woke up in the morning afraid to see the final results and when it was confirmed I started crying. I cried from sadness and fear. Sad that we wouldn’t be seeing our first woman president and fear of what would happen with Trump as our nation’s leader.

As we’ve seen in the past few days, the whole country is in chaos it seems. People are upset and afraid. I certainly am. I took this photo the other night when thinking about everything going on and remembering that I didn’t have a photo to represent “Chaos” yet. I thought my stickers that I got for contributing to the campaign alongside some teary tissues could best reflect chaos to me.

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