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If you know me well, you know that I sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong time. Only in some ways, though. I love modern technology and amenities. Don’t try to stick me somewhere without air conditioning, electricity, wifi, etc.! But, when I was a kid I asked for weird things for gifts. My top choice was always clothes, because my love for clothes has been there since I was born apparently. But, instead of the latest toys and whatever else little kids typically ask for, I asked for things like a sewing machine, french phone, typewriter. I loved the idea of writing letters and when my 4th grade best friend moved to a town about 25 minutes away, we became pen pals. Yes, we had each other’s home phone numbers and we still saw each other every once in a while, sleeping over each other’s houses, but we also wrote letters and it was so fun.

I didn’t buy proper stationery. Instead I would print out Microsoft Word pages with borders and clip art to make the white 8×11 sheets pretty.

I don’t remember if I asked for this or if my dad just bought it for me, but I also got one of those stamps with my initial and accompanying wax. You melt the wax seal onto the envelope and stamp your initial to close the envelope. How 18th (19th) century of me!

Anyway, I’ve got a new pen pal now as an adult and I’m super excited about it. I ordered beautiful stationary from Rifle Paper Co. that comes in multiple pastel colored cards with gold foil floral detailing and envelopes. It’s so pretty. I also just ordered a watercolor designed stationary from Etsy. Hopefully I’ll keep up this pen pal thing long enough to get through the stationery I bought and buy some more pretty ones!

Colette Social StationaryColette Social Stationary 1Colette Social Stationary 2Colette Social Stationary 3Colette Social Stationary 4

Isn’t it pretty?!

I’ve rounded up some other stationary that I came across today that I think is particularly pretty or cute. In my round-up I’ve included this one which is called Colette Social Stationery from Rifle Paper Co. and the Etsy watercolor one I just ordered.


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