Sunset - Stoplight

Photo Challenge: Transient

Transient – even just the sound of the word gives off the feeling of impermanence. When The Daily Post challenged participants to post a photo response to the challenge “Transient” a few photos came to mind. Coincidentally, two of the photos I had in mind were of birds. One was of a bird that was perched on the railing of my porch for a really long time and I was able to get a close-up. I like to think he/she was thinking about where to fly off to next. The other photo was taken from my bedroom window of hundreds of birds in my yard. It’s the creepiest and coolest thing but it happens maybe once a year. There are so many birds that you can hear the wind against the house as they all fly in and out as a mass. If there’s a future challenge for creepy, I would use it for that! Definitely reminds me of The Birds.

Anyway, obviously I decided not to use my bird photos for this challenge. Instead I chose this picture I took back in the fall while stopped at a red light.

Sunset - Stoplight

I took this photo because of the beautiful sunset ahead warming up the sky with brilliant oranges and yellows swirled together to create a pink tinge and leaving the blue sky above untouched. Upon closer examination of this photo, you can definitely see elements of transience. First, I’m stopped a light, where was I going? This photo was taken back in November, so I have no recollection of where I was going. The cars opposite me, also stopped at the light, are off to different places as well. It’s amazing to think we’re all living our own lives, going off in different directions – to possibly completely different types of places and/or events – but we were all paused in that same place for those few minutes. As soon as the light turned green, we un-paused and continued on. Obviously, not to the right where the road was closed, but on to somewhere! And as mentioned before, this sky was just gorgeous and as we all know, these sunsets are so short lived before it turns darker and darker.

Have a great Friday! I leave for vacation tomorrow, but I have a few posts planned already and then I will also be writing travel diary posts as usual.

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