Sunset Sky

Photo Challenge: Pure

It’s hard to believe today is my last day of work before my summer break. That’s right, today is the last day of school! It’s been a busy and tiring school year so I’m welcoming this break with open arms. All that stands between me and summer break is a half day of work, a staff lunch, and graduation tonight which I’ll be hosting again. Hopefully I don’t mess up while speaking or saying names for diplomas. Wish me luck!

In keeping with the idea of summer break beginning, my photo response to this past week’s The Daily Post’s photo challenge for “Pure” is a picture I took in my backyard at the end of last summer. I love sunset photos and pictures of the sky with the sunlight streaking through in swirls.

Sunset Sky

The bursts of orange in the sky make it look like it’s on fire, but the clouds soften it and create a more ethereal look. It is pure, natural beauty. It makes me think of long summer days leading into warm summer nights. Whether you are with family and/or friends relaxing and barbecuing or spending a quiet evening alone or with a loved one, there is a pure beauty and joy to that time. So as my summer officially begins, I wish you a happy summer as well!

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