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Grey Pinafore

A quick browse on ASOS back in the spring showed me that pinafores are seriously back in style. When I think of pinafores, I think of what you would wear to elementary school back in the day if you wanted to look nice. But, the updated pinafore look for adult women is actually pretty stylish and when I saw this grey one from New Look for just $25, I had to get one for myself.

Grey Pinafore
Grey Pinafore 1
Grey Pinafore 2
Grey Pinafore 3
Grey Pinafore 4
Grey Pinafore 5
Top: Macy’s | Pinafore: New Look via ASOS | Tights: Kohl’s | Boots: Cliffs by White Mountain via DSW Watch: Fossil

I wore this pinafore a few weeks ago to work. It was a cool day so I wore black tights, slouchy boots, and a 3/4 sleeve top featuring a green floral pattern. Originally, I thought of wearing a bright colored top underneath the pinafore, but I changed my mind and decided to go with a more muted color palette. This ponte dress is so comfortable and soft. The material has a certain thickness to it and is really well made. Best part? It has pockets!

When wearing this to work, I learned that people either “got it” and liked the dress or the opposite and were confused by it. I really don’t see how this is a confusing look! But, I did have a few students ask me why I was wearing an apron. Really? I guess they grew up during a time where pinafores were not in fashion? Anyway, I enjoy the style and I’m glad to see it making a comeback! It’s a great style for work, in my opinion.

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