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Biden/Harris Tee

If you follow me on social media then it is not a secret (at all) that I am voting for Joe Biden in this election. I actually already voted because I dropped off my ballot 2 weeks ago! Side note: I love that in NJ I can track my ballot and I saw that it was received.

If you’ve been around here for a few years and followed my blog back during the last election you know I voted for Hillary Clinton and that I legitimately cried when Trump won. I have been beside myself with how crazy and horrible things have gotten in the country since Trump has taken office. So there is no question about who I’m voting for.

I want to tell you a little story about why I think it’s so important to exercise your right to vote, especially this year. Forget that I really want Trump to lose – it’s important to vote because it is your right and the president and GOP are trying to hinder that. They want to try to intimidate people at the polls, sow distrust, make people think the election is illegitimate. I remember when I was young – I don’t remember how old I was but young enough to not really know much about what was going on in the world at all – my parents were watching the news and the news anchors were talking about an election in some foreign country. People were protesting and angry and I didn’t understand why. I asked my parents why the people were so angry about their election. Don’t they get to vote and choose their leader? My parents told me that in that country there are elections but they were just for show and the guy who was in charge already was going to win anyway. It was all fixed. They just wanted to give the appearance that the people had a choice, but they didn’t. I remember thinking that was so scary and thank god the United States would never experience something like that. Well…here we are. We’ve got a president who keeps saying if he loses the whole election will have been a sham and illegitimate, but refuses to agree that the same would be true if he wins. If he wins, it’s totally legit and if he loses, it’s all fake and people cheated. That’s why it is so important that you vote!

Anyway, I found this tee on Etsy and I loved it. There are so many to choose from from different shops on Etsy, but I loved this one because it says “Nasty Women Vote Biden – Harris 2020”. According to Trump, any successful woman who doesn’t automatically fall over for him is a “nasty” woman.

Tee: Etsy | Leggings: Nordstrom Rack

My exact tee isn’t available right now, but I’m linking to it in case it comes back in stock. I also found a few other similar tees.

Don’t forget to wear a mask and plan your vote!

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