Fall In Love With Your Living Room This Winter

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As we venture into one of the most bleak-looking winters in a generation, we may begin nesting. As the global pandemic shows no sign of abating, we have to fall back on the allure of our homes to get us through some dark times. If your living room is looking a little tired, give it a facelift, and enjoy unleashing some new decor on your home. This winter, make your living room fit for purpose and fall in love with your interior design all over again.

Warmth is more than just a temperature – it is an emotion, a fuzzy feeling, and a comfort that can be hard to quantify. If you are blessed with a chimney breast, consider replacing your old 1960s fireplace with something more fit for the twenty first century. Gas fireplaces can look sleek and modern with a marble surround or tiled hearth. You can even investigate propane companies and enjoy home deliveries of fuel to power up the flames. Sitting on comfy sofas surrounded by throws, cushions, and blankets can give us that warm and cozy feeling. A mixture of textures in your living room can be enough to make you want to sink into your bucket chair as you turn on the latest Netflix box set and enjoy a warm cup of cocoa.

If you adore color, don’t be tempted to whip up bold-colored hues on your four walls. You run the risk of your room looking small with dark damson tones or navy blue shades. Instead, save your bold colors for a feature wall. Go for something more muted such as magnolia or white and then add accents of color in your furnishings, drapery, and artwork. This makes the colors in your room pop more. For the feature wall, you might even want to venture into the realm of geometric vintage wallpaper or some flock heavy set patterned wallpaper. This can look elegant and draw the eye adding interest to your interior.

If you have an old sofa that is super comfy, don’t feel like you have to get rid of it. Adorn it with a cover or some throws. Furniture should be very much function over form. Opt for an interior you adore, rather than one that graces the cover of the latest interiors magazine. You are the one living with it, so relish the opportunity to express your personality in your living space.

Holiday Season
As Christmas approaches you might want to consider more festive decor. Why not begin early this year? We are not far off from November and it makes sense to spread some Christmas cheer considering the 2020 we have all experienced. You might want to opt for a real Christmas tree complete with pine scents and shedding needles. Or maybe a genuine-looking fake one will suffice. Go as big as you can and give it pride of place in a bay window, in a corner of the room, or in a connected conservatory. Just spying the twinkling lights every morning will fill you with festive cheer.

Follow this guide and you can enjoy falling in love with your living room again this winter.

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